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Saturday 17th, October 2009

T&T playing in 20/20 tomorrow

I hope we win.
Can you believe this article? Nobody locally was willing to sponsor them??!
It’s horrendous.

Or maybe quite believable. I wasn’t paying much attention and didn’t know we were playing until I woke up one morning and mom and dad were like look we’re playing. If you know me, when I wake up, I’m not quite lucid (very far from it) so I was a bit shocked. (Of course dad knew long time…and claims he told mom who forgot).

Anywayz…Happy Divali to all celebrating.
I’m sure I heard something fall on my roof! ;-)

Sunday 24th, February 2008

Stanford2020: We Won

Trinidad & Tobago won. We beat Jamaica.
I’m very happy :-)

Tuesday 8th, May 2007

Cricket World Cup: *sigh*

I’ve been in distress the last few days, not paying attention to much news…and never posting my views on the World Cup.
Just when I was ready I have to hear about Gilchrist.


Maybe I should just not bother and change the title.

I’m fed up.
The final annoyed me no end.
This Gilchrist thing is perturbing.
The umpires/officials/etc…well…playing in the dark is ridiculous.
Playing for an unknown total is ridiculous.

I mean, we had enough problems with the world cup in the Caribbean, why add to it? why more stains? Why the travesty of a final???

I am sad.
Why did I bother get all excited and follow the world cup? Should I even bother following the next West Indies tour?
I don’t know.

Saturday 28th, April 2007

Cricket World Cup: Finally it done. Australia Won.

Will post later.
It’s late and have some stuff to do.

I’m very upset with the people in charge.
It was ridiculous.

And people at the oval had no clue what was going on.

Cricket World Cup: A Farce of a Final


See last post.

Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka offered light?

What is going on???

Sri Lanka was offered the light.
The batsmen took it.
Australia celebrated the win. The oval celebrated the win.
The umpires said the match isn’t done. There are three more overs and it can be played tomorrow.

Is there no organization?
No rules???

I think they’re coming back out to play the three overs instead of coming out tomorrow.

It’s ludicrous.
There should be investigation or something!
It’s crazy.

I would understand if Sri Lanka conceded. I wouldn’t look down on them. Has anybody ever conceded a one-day? I know they’ve done it in test and first-class.
It’s not just a bad taste in the winners but also the spectators.


Cricket World Cup: Duckworth Lewis

What’s going on?
I don’t know.

Something just seems so wrong with using Duckworth Lewis for a final.
Especially when it’s already reduced overs.


So, are they batting it out or not?
I’m confused.
Are they trying to make the 282?
/me bites nails
/me is anxious

Does anybody know what target Sri Lanka is chasing??
How many overs are being lost?
This is a final. Can’t they work out these things?

Duckworth Lewis is some method they use to calculate new totals when something (usually rain or light) interrupts the play and a team has less overs to bat. So, Sri Lanka lost two overs in the rain and I think the target has now been reduced from 282 to 269. I’m not sure how Duckworth Lewis is calculated. I guess I should find out?