About Lily!

Hi, I'm Lily! and I'm nocturnal! I'm female, 27, Muslim and from Trinidad & Tobago.

Lily and School

I went to school. Well...I guess 4 schools. There was primary school and secondary school. Then I did my Bachelor's at home in Mathematics and Computer Science and then I went off to the USA and did a Master's specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

The family

I miss my family who are now scattered across the globe.

I'm at home with my parents in Trinidad & Tobago. The oldest of my sisters lives in Guyana with her husband and the other is working in Guyana also, at the moment. Then there's me, and then my brother who is studying in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and...on the verge of marriage!.

My frivolous interests!

I read. I read alot. Or, I used to read alot. I do however, still love to read. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mysteries and especially books geared for children and young adults (and I don't mean Sweet Valley High or stuff like that).

I could spend whole days reading and I'd be happy. It's much better than doing work which isn't interesting!

Then of course there's music and tv...I've been watching too much TV at the moment. I won't list because that'd be incriminating. How about, House and Veronica Mars are awesome shows and so are Battlestar Galactica and the Stargates.

Computers and Linux

I could tell you all the computers I've ever owned and all the distributions I've tried. I'm not counting family machines.

Hmm, an HP desktop (7955 I think with monitor...mx70?) which single booted Windows XP Home, some version of Linux and also dual-booted these too.

Then my Apple PowerBook G4 12" 1.5 GHz. It's run OS X (Panther, Tiger), Ubuntu and Edubuntu. It's currently dual-booting between OS X and Edubuntu.

I recently bought myself an old Apple iMac G4 17" 800 MHz. I like it. It's running Tiger at the moment but I intend to put some Linux on it...probably *Ubuntu.

And today/this evening, I'll get the parts to do my very first build. A cheap little AMD64 machine with new parts and cobbled together older parts. Wish me luck...I've only ever used Red Hat, SUSE, Knoppix, Debian, *Ubuntu. Should I try something else?? hmmm...decisions decisions!

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